High Quality Towing Services By Dash Experts Towing Corp.

Our friendly drivers are always ready to rescue any type of vehicle, so just give us a call!

Light-Duty Towing

Dash Experts Towing Corp. is aware of how valuable time is when driving. Because of this, we are constantly ready to offer our clients quick services without compromising on quality.

Medium-Duty Towing

Transporting vehicles that are a little bit heavier than light duty towing requires medium duty towing. The utilization of a truck with a tow hitch and a trailer is commonly required for this kind of towing. The trailer must be correctly fitted to the truck since it supports the added weight of the vehicle being towed.

Heavy-Duty Towing

We have heavy duty trucks on call seven days a week to handle any towing job. Whether loading equipment into our vans or pulling trailers, dealing directly with us here at Dash Experts Towing Corp. will make all tasks easier.

About Us

Because we value our customers, we highly prioritize their feedback and suggestions. This way, we can modify a specific system to meet their needs. In order to ensure that our customers are satisfied, we allocate time to maintain our fleets and trucks and employ highly skilled and professional mechanics and drivers.

Our ambition is to become the largest all-around towing company in the Harrison, NJ, as well as the best in terms of workmanship quality and response time for any roadside assistance. Our well-maintained fleets and wreckers reflect our high priority on client satisfaction and safety. Dash Experts Towing Corp. is constantly adapting to standard technology in order to provide a quick and up-to-date service, as we only want the best experience for our clients!


What Our Clients Say

"Dash Experts Towing Corp. did an excellent job. They showed up, rescued me from the middle of nowhere with my gear, and took me safely to a repair shop."
Habiba Buchanan
IT consultant
"They took excellent care of my car, had excellent service, and I would definitely recommend them. Very affordable prices, excellent wrecker service, and decent parts availability."
Kacper Cardenas
Market trader
"Dash Experts Towing Corp. arrived on schedule and delivered top-notch assistance. They are the only people I suggest and trust."
Cruz Rivas

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It gives you peace of mind to know that Dash Experts Towing Corp. is always on call and can tow anything from light-duty vehicles to extremely large ones! We also offer a wonderful variety for organizing a tow appointment, so please give us a call as soon as possible so that we can get started.